“Europe – not without the people!”

Conference on the Future of Europe,
23–25 March 2007, Berlin

The Conclusions of the EU summit in June 2006 state: “The European Council calls for the adoption, on 25th March 2007 in Berlin, of a political declaration by EU leaders, setting out Europe’s values and ambitions and confirming their shared commitment to deliver them, commemorating 50 years of the Treaties of Rome.“
Respect the French and Dutch No!

We believe that the present Heads of State and Heads of Government who will meet in Berlin, have not shown sufficient interest in the values, ambitions and expectations of European citizens.

In 2005, there was a clear rejection of the proposed EU Constitution by the French and Dutch voters. In addition, polls suggest, that in many other member states there are also majorities against it. It would be a serious mistake to go further with a new treaty for the European Union on the basis of this constitution, which has been so forcefully and democratically rejected.

“We believe that the
EU leaders do not have
a real interest in the
values, ambitions and
expectations of
European citizens.”

The commitment of EU leaders should be towards the citizens they ought to represent.A conference for the citizens

We are holding our conference on the Future of Europe on 23 – 25 March 2007 in Berlin to make sure that EU leaders fully understand our concerns and demands. 

Instead of an elitist celebration of the past we prefer to address real problems: How to create a democratic Europe of the citizens? How can we achieve and safeguard real subsidiarity, democratic control, transparency and direct citizen participation?

“We want them to
understand that their
approach to the
democratic crises in
the EU has to based on
the will, hopes and
needs of the citizens.”

During the conference representatives from civil society from across the EU will propose and debate ways out of the present democratic and constitutional crisis. We will focus on democracy as a basic European value, which includes freedom, participation and solidarity.The Berlin Declaration puts the citizens in charge

Our Berlin Declaration will be presented to European leaders and national parliaments, and with it we will confront them with our demands.

We want EU leaders to understand that their approach to the democratic crises in the EU is not sufficiently based on  the  will, hopes and needs of the citizens. There cannot be any more EU integration without the consent of its citizens.

If these problems will not be addressed, debated and solved honestly and with a sustainable perspective more and more people will quit their support for the project of the European Union. The EU will only be considered legitimate if its citizens are given a real possibility to contribute and to decide about their future in Europe.Join us in Berlin!We look forward to the participation of NGOs, movements, networks and political activists from all across Europe who represent a wide range of views reflecting the cultural and political diversity of our continent. And even if our objectives, how the EU should look like in ten years time, will be different or in some points even contradictory, we all shall agree that only through democracy we can hope to achieve our goal of another and better Europe.