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The attendance fee for the conference is as follows:
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 €30 Conference fee
 €50 Conference fee plus additional donation.

If you wish to attend the conference but are unable to afford the conference fee please send an email to and we will organise a concessionary rate for you.

 I will transfer the fee for the conference before the start of the conference to:

For EU standard transfers:
RECIPIENT: Mehr Demokratie e.V. IBAN: DE81 4306 0967 0041 1002 00
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank – Postfach 100829 – 44708 Bochum

for payments made in Germany
To Mehr Demokratie e.V. – GLS Bank – BLZ 43060967 – Konto 41 1002 00

An email confirming your registration to the conference shall be sent to you shortly.

Thank you for registering and we hope to see you at the Conference.

Kind Regards,
EUDemocrats, Initiative Netzwerk Dreigliederung
and Mehr Demokratie.